Auckland property lawyer for conveyancing done properly

You’ve found the right home, so now let us smooth out all the details so you can move in.

For example, we can assist with:

  1. buying or selling a property
  2. leasing
  3. refinancing 
  4. loan and finance documents
  5. advice on ownership structures
  6. contracting out agreements
  7. relationship property agreements
Buying or selling property is a serious matter warranting a serious property lawyer

Buying or selling property in Auckland needs a legal professional with the right skills and experience to protect your investment, mitigate risks, and navigate comprehensive sale or purchase agreements. Buying or selling a house, an investment property or a commercial building is a serious matter which can result in costly mistakes if the conveyancing is not handled properly. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or selling a commercial property, as an experienced Auckland property lawyer, we can assist on all residential and commercial property transactions. We’re here to support your move onward or upward.

You can expect:

  • appropriate and timely advice before and after an agreement is signed 
  • advice on the vendor or purchaser’s contractual obligations to you
  • advice on tenancy or lease arrangements
  • prompt turnaround of loan documentation
  • smooth settlement if your purchase proceeds.
Here for all types of property transactions

Whether it’s the family home, an apartment, investment property, a holiday home, section or a commercial property, we’ll help take the risk out of the transaction by ensuring your interests are protected. We can manage the legal paperwork and advise you on any concerns or pitfalls we uncover. 

We will work with you to ensure that your transaction is completed professionally, and in a prompt and cost-effective way.  

We can advise on all types of property purchases including cross leases, unit titles and off the plan purchases. 

Property sharing agreements

If your circumstances require it, we can also prepare property sharing agreements or contracting out agreements. Property sharing agreements are contracts between co-owners of a property setting out the arrangements regarding the property and what may happen in the future with the property.

They can be suitable for a range of situations such as when parents and children purchase a property together, where siblings or friends purchase together, or where siblings inherit property from their parents.    

The agreements will usually cover a range of issues including how the property is beneficially owned, how the property’s outgoings and expenses will be met, the process for a co-owner wanting to sell, and the resolution of any disputes that may arise. 

Having these agreements in place at the outset of a property acquisition can often prevent a costly and time-consuming problem further down the track.  Talk to us about protecting your asset and 

Contracting Out Agreements are agreements between couples who do not want their property to be divided in the way set out in the Property (Relationships) Act 1976. These agreements enable couples to make their own private agreement to determine the status and division of property upon separation or death. In order for the agreement to be valid it must meet certain legal formalities.  


If you’re looking to refinance your mortgage and change banks, we can act swiftly and efficiently help you with that process. We also provide a short turnaround service for refinancing needed to be competed urgently.

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