Debt Collection & Civil Claims

Debt recovery services, civil litigation and dispute resolution

We can provide legal advice in the following areas:

  1. Negotiating settlement of debt claims for both creditors and debtors
  2. Acting on civil claims in the District and High Courts. 
  3. Statutory demands and liquidation procedures in the High Court
  4. Bankruptcy applications
  5. Post judgment enforcement applications such as charging orders, attachment orders and sale orders. 

Cost-effective debt recovery requires a good understanding of the law, the New Zealand court system and human nature. In today’s tough economic and ever-changing climate, we believe it is well worth businesses employing effective debt recovery services and debt enforcement advice. We are experienced in business to business and consumer debt collection as well as the establishment of debt collection methods and protocols. 

If you need advice, our debt recovery services or support through the court system, just contact us today.

The older a debt grows, the harder it is to collect. Instead of spending valuable work time chasing up late or non-payments, Ebenezer Lawyers can help your business get an award by a court or tribunal so you can recover unpaid debts. We can then work with you to find the best possible means to recover your debt. We are your solution-orientated partner who can help resolve your civil claims.

When litigation becomes the last step, we’ll help you take it. We can help with all litigation or enforcement, including summary judgment proceedings, statutory demands, liquidation applications and bankruptcy notices. 

If you have any queries about debt recovery services or enforcement options, please contact us for advice. At Ebenezer Lawyers we believe legal services should be accessible, affordable and understandable.

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We offer debt recovery services, civil litigation, and dispute resolution. See how our experience can benefit you.